BootsyKitty Productions (Temporary)

Temporary website here folks, so just deal. This is until I get my pretty website done to display all my photography. But since I am an amateur trying to move to professional, my daytime jobs gets most of my focus.

The main focus of my photography is landscapes and macro shots. I love taking pictures from odd, interesting, and curious perspectives. I find a lot of the time I feel self conscious, because the positions I need to contort myself into in order to get the shot that I envision can be...interesting.

I'm potentially looking at expanding into portraiture. It's not my passion, but it does interest me. It's just more studio or location oriented and I tend to like to explore for my shots. But gotta do what pays the bills, in order to do what you enjoy.

What is Bootsy Kitty? best to explain... Bootsy Kitty is the pet name for my cat Penny. She used to be quite the pain, so whenever she would be particular difficult I would refer to her as a bootsy kitty. And I always said that that would be a funny name for a website, so...voila here it is.

Photos and more to come.

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